Introducing Solace Jewellery

Introducing Solace Jewellery

Solace Jewellery are a small family run jewellery brand on a mission to allow everyone to wear jewellery comfortably as incredibly - all of their jewellery is hypoallergenic! This is perfect if you suffer from a metal allergy or skin irritations and struggle to wear jewellery without your skin becoming itchy or sore. We can sympathise with this as it is certainly not uncommon when you also face other issues with your skin such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Much like us at Lyonsleaf, Solace Jewellery is also a small family run company run by Dan and Lindsay who obsess over customer service - there are not many jewellery companies that have a returns policy, never mind a 100% satisfaction guarantee! So, if you aren’t happy with their jewellery you can simply send it back and they will exchange or refund you, no questions asked.

So far they have helped thousands of people be able to wear jewellery again, many of whom have tried everything from expensive gold earrings to cheap costume jewellery from the high street, and as their reviews show, many of them now won’t shop anywhere else.

We love their ethos and we love their products, but hypoallergenic jewellery is not widely known about so we thought that many of our Lyonsleaf customers would be thrilled to learn about Solace Jewellery too! Excitingly we have therefore teamed up in order to bring you an exclusive discount of 15% off when you shop using code 'Lyonsleaf15' at their online shop:

We also love seeing what they have been up to behind the scenes on Instagram (not quite as much as we love their jewellery – and they post that on there too!) so take a look and follow them on instagram for regular updates and offers available, and of course - if you need any help they are there to answer any questions you may have.

So go ahead, why not treat yourself and get back to wearing beautiful jewellery that not only looks fab and will not tarnish… but that you will forget you’re wearing!