Lyonsleaf - The Republic of Natural Skincare

Our mission in life is to provide 100% natural, safe, effective, cruelty free skincare, suitable for the whole family and all skin types (even very sensitive skin), at a price affordable to ordinary people, with the least environmental impact as possible

From our farm on top of The Mendip Hills in Somerset, we create a range of unique, award winning skincare and beauty products which have manifested a water-free skincare revolution incorporating the oil cleansing method

It’s here that we grow our own organically certified herbs and then infuse natural plant oils with their wonderfully beneficial properties. We believe it's because we control the quality and storage of our herbs that our potent product receive such amazing customer reviews

These infused oils are then blended with other pure plant oils (mostly organic), organic beeswax and mineral ingredients (and nothing else) to hand-make small batches of what have been described as ‘little pots of wonder’. Read a complete list of the ingredients we use here.

We use a high percentage of tropical oils in our products which have evolved to be sun-stable by way of a myriad of antioxidants. These oils will not oxidise on the skin and will neutralise free radicals.

Unlike some more traditional brands, we want you to understand the workings of your own skin, so you can make informed choices and not be misled by beauty business hype. 

Our products are not certified organic, but they are 100% natural. We do use a very high percentage of organic ingredients. You can read about our policy of optimising purity and value on our organic vs natural page.

We have been making natural skincare products since 2011. We are a family business employing from the local area. You can read our story here and join the party on social media.