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Unfragranced Beauty Balm
Samantha Clarke
v good

particularly like that it is fragrance free

Calendula and marshmallow balm

I have been using the calendula cream as a night cream and thought I would try the calendula and marshmallow balm instead. As I layer with the marshmallow soften and rejuvenate facial oil this will now be my go to night cream and night facial routine

A luxurious soap

I am enjoying using this soap immensely. A lovely, creamy lather, and a gorgeous scent which is not too flowery, but just right.

The best natural skincare

I have been using Lyonsleaf calendula cream for a few years now religiously! It's the only skincare I truly believe works for me. I use the beauty balm to take off my makeup and then the calendula as a moisturiser. I also use the zinc one for my baby as nappy cream, and the baby balm for her skin. I wouldn't use any other products now!

Natural Beauty Balm
Cherryl Read
My regular cleanser

I’ve been using Natural Beauty Balm for a long time now and am very pleased with the products, the company ethics and the efficient and friendly service I receive. Thank you

Body Butter - Free gift

Brilliant for my sensitive skin. No reactions at all.

Good quality product. Good value for money. I have very sensitive skin and this is perfect for me, no reactions at all. You only need a tiny amount, I like the smell too.

Love this

I've been using it as an alternative to sudocream for break outs. It's great.

Unfragranced Beauty Balm
Dorothy Barraclough
Cleanses well.

I use the Unfragranced Beauty Balm as a cleanser, I like the feel of it on my skin. It's gentle and rubs in well. It leaves my skin feeling clean and not tight.

Zinc and Calendula Cream

This cream makes a lovely face primer. It feels soothing on the skin and is also good as a spot treatment. I really like it and will be ordering more in the future. I usually put the Calendula and Marshmallow Balm underneath, as I have very dry skin. Both are lovely products. Thank you!


excellent product

excellent product, and beautiful sustainable, packaging. Recommended

Calendula and Marshmallow Balm

This balm is wonderful! It makes an excellent facial night cream. I also use it in the day on my face under powder/makeup/sunscreen. I suffer from rosacea and this balm has not irritated it. It feels soothing and once it has been rubbed in, it does not feel heavy. I have just ordered a jar. I have struggled to find a natural product that does not have essential oils. Thank you Lyonsleaf.

Foot Balm
Gill Tebbutt
A Favourite

I have been using the Lyonsleaf Foot Balm for some time now, and I wouldn't use any other. I am prone to splitting skin on my heels, but this doesn't bother me since I started to use this balm. Excellent product.

The perfect cleanser

I’ve been using beauty balm for over 4 years now and would never use anything else! It removes even the most stubborn waterproof mascara but is so kind to my skin I very rarely get any break outs any more. Once you try this you’ll never look back!

This stuff is fab! All natural and completely cured my 11 year olds perioral dermatitis. Brilliant!

Zinc and Calendula Cream
Anne-Laure Thibaud
My essential

Discovered Lyonsleaf when looking for natural alternatives to help me to clear perioral dirmetatuis and I never look back. It also helps me with rosacea and little hormonal acne. This balm is great for so many other things like mosquitoes bites. I know can live without it 😉

Natural Beauty Balm
I love this as cleanser and moisturiser

Brilliant pot - and lasts well. I use it for hot cloth cleansing at night (followed by intensive night facial oil). Then I use a wee bit in the mornings (after splashing face with water) as my moisturiser. Love it. It’s made my skin lovely and soft and has pretty much taken away my dry psoriasis patches and my sore, dry skin around my eyes and eye lids.

I combine with the marshmallow balm and the calendula and zinc cream, as needed.

I used the unscented balm for a couple years as I was worried the scented one would react with my sensitive skin. But now I’ve tried the scented one and my skin is great and feels even softer. I’m going to stick with the scented one, but both are brilliant.

My teenage sons do the hot cloth cleansing with the unscented balm! Products for spots can be so harsh for skin. The zinc and calendula cream is brilliant for teenage spots, too.

Natural Beauty Balm
Karen Gates
Hydrates over 24hour period

I bought this to help calm my perioral dermatitis, where antibiotics had failed. It’s very light, glides on easily, is a good base for foundation, and is hydrating enough without being greasy to use overnight. It also has reduced the amount of scarring I have been left with since the dermatitis dried up. Great price too. Thoroughly recommended.

Absolutely love this - a staple in my life

I really recommend this lovely balm. I use it as lip balm and also on my psoriasis patches. Also on dry , cracked skin on my eye lids. Other products from other companies make the skin around my eyes sting or get a reaction. Not this one or the beauty balm.
I’d recommend using the balm during the day and don’t expect an immediate result but keep going and it will gently and eventually be healing. Totally recommend

Amazing balm for dry skin

I really love this Calendula and marshmallow balm it really helps my eczema and dry skin on my hands.

A gift for my daughter and this is what she thinks

….. it’s soooo good. It’s cleared my sore red skim on my face up completely !!!! I am still using it as I know what triggered it and I used ( the trigger) it again (before I knew) so it went red and scabby again so now I just use the Lyon’s leaf every day and night to calm my skin. There are so many different pots in that set it’s so good and they all do different things !! I just use a little and it goes a long way xxx

Natural Beauty Balm
Louise Williams
Love the Lyonsleaf beauty balm!

Love this product. Since using it as my daily moisturiser my skin has never felt so good. Love that it’s all natural and grown in the UK too.

Calendula Cream

Brilliant cream

Foot Balm
Mary Waterfall
Foot balm is excellent

Not being using long but I can already see that my new nails are coming through much healthier and it really softens skin on the feet