Knowledge Is Power

At Lyonsleaf we want you to understand how your skin works and what is really best for it (even if it's not our one of products)

The information provided by us has been gathered from conversations with customers, from our own personal experiences and some personal research. We are not healthcare professionals and you should not take any of the information on this site as medical advice, but as a starting point for your own research and a springboard to help you take ownership of your own skincare, health and wellbeing.

We also have a blog, which we hope over time will fill with articles, attract comments and act as more of an interactive hub of information.

We have a facility to search our customer reviews, so we encourage customers to upload information, particularly about how they use our products to allow other customers to benefit from their experience.

And we have a collection of information pages with links to other sites that you may find helpful: 

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The water-free skincare revolution

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Skin irritants 

Free radicals

Foods for healthy skin

Leaky gut

The stress and blood sugar connection

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