Welcome to The Lyonsleaf Blog

Welcome to The Lyonsleaf Blog

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Lyonsleaf Republic Of Natural Skincare is on a mission to bring pure, effective skincare to the masses by making it affordable and accesible.


We began this mission in 2011. We have to admit we have surprised ourselves by our success. The incredible customer reviews we receive prove that natural skincare using traditional herbal extracts, without modern preservatives is actually more effective than we ever imagined.

What we have learned is that everybody's skin is different. We have found that different products in our range can suit different people with the same issues. And also that different people may use them in different ways. So we hope this blog and our new website, will be an interactive hub where customers can share information, advice and tips.

On the blog we will be writing about new discoveries ourselves. We will also be inviting other people we trust to write guest posts about skincare, about nutrition and other health matters which may affect the skin. We also want to talk about the environment, ethical business and ways that we can all look to a healthy future and a healthy planet (we might use it occassionally to just have a bit of a rant). We are also excited that having a blog means readers can comment on the articles, so it won't just be us telling you what we think but you can share your knowledge (and have a bit of a rant too).

So in the spirit of interaction, if you have any ideas for blog posts or things you'd like us to look into and write about then please leave a comment below.

Thank you!
Vicky and the team at Lyonsleaf