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Unfragranced Beauty Balm

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Unfragranced version of our best selling Beauty Balm

This unfragranced version of our beloved Beauty Balm has been specially made for customers who may be sensitive to essential oils. it is 100% natural, gentle and suitable for most skin types. (click here to see the fragranced Beauty Balm with many more customer reviews).

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm is an incredibly effective complete facial skincare solution with absolutely no artificial chemicals. A real one-pot-revolution in natural skincare.

One product is all you need - use to:

Discover the amazing 'oil cleansing method'. Simply stop stripping skin's natural oils when cleansing to maintain a good skin barrier. Good skin barrier seals in moisture for glowing skin that stays hydrated and plumped all day, consequently reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by dry skin.

You may be surprised that many customers with oily skin report that they also love oil cleansing with Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm and that it keeps their skin perfectly balanced avoiding oily shine. Traditional products for oily skin strip the skins natural oils in an attempt to try and reduce excess sebum, but it's now known that this can damage the skin barrier, disrupt the microbiome and PH level of the skin and even cause the skin to overcompensate producing more sebum.  

Oil Cleansing is based on the principle of 'like-dissolves-like' Our carefully chosen non-comedogenic oils dissolve dirty sebum allowing you to gently wipe grime and make-up away without disruption.

Oil Cleansing is also perfect for teenage skin. Good skin barrier keeps pathogens out. Pathogens cause spots, fungal or bacterial infections and allergic reactions.

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm is water-free, so it is undiluted goodness. You need only use a tiny amount and will find it glides on, absorbs easily, covers a surprisingly large area and keeps skin hydrated for a very long time. A small pot uses less space, resources and packaging yet it goes a remarkably long way.

Made with over 95% tropical oils, this product will not oxidise on the skin and is perfect for daytime use. Great as a primer or make up or under mineral sunscreens that are otherwise often hard to apply.

    Free From:

    • Preservatives
    • Emulsifiers 
    • Colourants
    • Artificial fragrance
    • All artificial chemicals


    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Made from 100% pure, undiluted plant oils and herbal extracts and nothing else
    • Abundant in vitamins, antioxidants and other phyto-nutrients
    • Made with sun-stable oils that do not oxidise easily
    • Contains fatty acids your skin requires to naturally maintain the skin barrier
    • Allows skin to regulate itself naturally
    • Suitable for vegans

    Lyonsleaf products are hand-made in the UK, using home-grown herbs, by workers earning a living wage, using as little plastic as possible. Lyonsleaf is against animal testing and is committed to an ongoing program of reducing carbon emissions, environmental impact and waste

    The packaging of this product is 100% recyclable (glass jar and metal lid in a cardboard box) and we only use biodegradable postal packaging.


    Beauty Balm - Unfragranced

    99% organic / wild harvest

    Butyrospermum parkii [raw shea butter]**, orbignya oleifera [babassu] oil** • macadamia ternifolia [macadamia nut] oil** • simmondsia chinensis [jojoba] oil** • Helianthus Annuus [sunflower oil] • tocopherol [natural vitamin E oil - gluten free] • calendula officinalis • [calendula flower] extract**
    **Organic/wild harvest

    We buy organic babassu oil when available, otherwise, it is obtained from wild harvest babassu nuts which naturally fall in the rainforest.

    PLEASE NOTE: We have removed almond oil from this product, but other stockists may still hold stock containing almond oil - please check the ingredients on the box when buying elsewhere, should you have an allergy.

    Directions & Guidance

    To cleanse and remove make-up (Oil Cleansing Method):
    1. Apply Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm to face when dry, massaging thoroughly to dissolve dirt and make-up. You can take the time to pamper yourself, or do it very quickly if you’re in a hurry.
    2. Run a clean flannel under comfortably hot water and hold it over your face allowing the steam to gently lift the dirt, make-up and dead skin cells.
    3.Wipe away residue leaving clean, hydrated skin. Use a muslin flannel for extra exfoliation.
    4. Repeat as necessary.

    You don’t need a toner and you may not need to moisturise. If you do, use a very small amount of Beauty Balm as a moisturiser.

    We recommend oil cleansing your face morning and night.

    Do not use flannels or muslins more than twice before washing, dry them out between uses, never leave a flannel in a soggy heap as you will create a home for bacteria.

    As a moisturiser:
    Use sparingly, as a little goes a long way. Rub a very small amount of Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm between your fingers then apply to your face, massaging in well until it has been absorbed into the skin.

    As a primer:
    Use sparingly and wait a few moments before applying foundation to prevent make-up soaking into dry skin.

    Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm is easily absorbed and non greasy - if you feel greasy, you have used too much.

    Non-comedogenic, suitable for facial use and eye area.

    Not suitable for those with an allergy to the daisy or aster family, (known as a Sesquiterpene Lactone allergy).

    As with all skin care products test a small area of skin and observe for 24hrs to be sure there is no reaction before applying generally. Should irritation occur discontinue use.

    Storage & Shipping

    Store all Lyonsleaf products in a cool dark place to preserve beneficial compounds and avoid solid products melting.

    Stored properly and unopened all products will keep indefinitely. Use within 12 months of opening.

    If a solid product does melt, reset it in a refrigerator. Products containing shea butter should be warmed to a liquid state and then reset quickly in a refrigerator to avoid the shea butter forming grainy lumps as it hardens.

    The water-free revolution

    The Lyonsleaf water-free revolution is a paradigm shift in skincare. Better for you and better for the planet.

    • 100% Natural - water-free means no need for preservatives or emulsifiers
    • Undiluted goodness - 100% active ingredients
    • Concentrated formulas - smaller pots, less packaging
    • Better skin by better skin barrier

    Lyonsleaf products are hand-made in the UK, using home-grown herbs, by workers earning a living wage, using as little
    plastic as possible. Lyonsleaf is against animal testing and is committed to an ongoing program of reducing carbon emissions, environmental impact and waste.


      Unfragranced Beauty Balm
      Unfragranced Beauty Balm
      Unfragranced Beauty Balm
      Unfragranced Beauty Balm

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 37 reviews
      Samantha Clarke
      v good

      particularly like that it is fragrance free

      Dorothy Barraclough
      Cleanses well.

      I use the Unfragranced Beauty Balm as a cleanser, I like the feel of it on my skin. It's gentle and rubs in well. It leaves my skin feeling clean and not tight.

      Sandy Egerton


      Vytaute Mickeviciute

      Hydrating and effective.


      It sits on the skin for a while then sinks in, but I feel it really nourishes the skin

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      • 100% Natural

        Lyonsleaf own brand products contain
        NO artificial chemicals

      • Water free products

        Water free means undiluted goodness.
        100% Active ingredients.

      • Eco Product Packaging

        Almost no plastic and water free means smaller pots: less packaging and less resources used for shipping

      • Eco Postal packaging

        We use cardboard paper and cornstarch chips for packaging orders and we even use paper tape.


      How Quickly do you despatch?

      We despatch orders Monday to Friday and we always dispatch the same working day (if ordered before 12 noon) or the following working day.

      Will my skin react to Lyonsleaf Products

      Our products are all 100% natural and free from all artificial chemicals. Because they are water free we can even avoid antimicrobial preservatives and emulsifiers. For this reason it is very unusual for anyone to react to our products at all. However some people are sensitive to essential oils, so if you are super-sensitive please choose unfragranced product options. Even less common, it is possible to be allergic to calendula and other herbs, so it is always important to do a patch test. In the unlikely event that you do have an adverse reaction, you can return your product for a full refund. We also sell samples of most products so you can try before you invest in a big pot.

      Why is the pot so small?

      Lyonsleaf products are water free and contain only the finest, plant oils, butters natural waxes and mineral ingredients. Most high Street products are up to 80% water, which means you need to apply them much more liberally and frequently. You will find you only need to use Lyonsleaf products very sparingly to achive good hydration that lasts all day. Products that are rich in soothing herbs can be used more frequently to achieve the best calming effect, but they still only need to be used sparingly. So these little pots go a long way, using less packaging and less transportation resources.

      Are Lyonsleaf products vegan?

      Much of the Lyonsleaf range is vegan, but we do use organic beeswax in some products. When it came to choosing a suitable wax, we decided it would be better for the environment to choose a farming method that promotes pollinators rather than a vegetable mono-crop that causes deforestation and loss of habitat. We only use organic beeswax as organic farming standards require farmers to have high welfare standards for Bees.

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