Lyonsleaf Case Study 01 - Perioral Dermatitis

Lauren - Perioral Dermatitis

I had normal teenage acne up until my 19th birthday where it just kind of stopped. This, along with being cursed as a serial face picker, caused lots of scarring, which I was able to clear over time with other products. However, randomly in early June 2019 I developed this rash around my nose, which were white, watery spots followed by flaking skin and sore almost itching redness. I left it alone and stopped wearing makeup, however, it only grew worse and larger until it surrounded my mouth and chin.

This lasted a couple of months and I refused to go into work and so worked from home for a couple of weeks as I felt so horrible about myself. I did hours and hours of research and was led down a number of paths including sulphur face wash, raw honey, and even Canesten cream! But all had little affect. My doctor prescribed a topical steroid that I knew my research had told me to avoid but not wanting to be wasteful I tried it once and...yep, it made it worse.

Finally, around November 2019 I came across the Zinc and Calendula Cream on Amazon while searching for a zinc skin treatment. There were so many glowing reviews filled with people affected by this horrible rash, all were claiming this little jar of magic had solved their problems so despite being fairly sceptical I ordered it. I was so blown away with how quickly it cleared the redness; I have very sensitive skin and did not irritate it at all. Within 24 hours the redness had virtually cleared up and within a week it had kind of flaked off as if it was never there. I am so surprised at how far this little pot goes! I've been using it a 1-2 times a day since November and I've hardly made a dent in it. Although the after image is much later on it's still a very accurate image of a week or two after using the product - maybe minus the tan. I still don't know what caused the flare up and as I continue to use the product it has not returned. I occasionally get a pea sized rash around and slightly in my nose but one dab of the cream and it's virtually annihilated.