Lyonsleaf Case Study 07 - Perioral Dermatitis

3rd. April 2016 - The first 'breakout'. I had a reaction probably to a product I had used on my face.  My face swelled up and was very red, sore and itchy. I went to an emergency clinic as my throat was beginning to swell and was given steroids and antihistamines. They advised me to keep a photographic diary for my GP. I saw my GP and was prescribed further oral and topical steroids and an antihistamine.

Initially with the use of steroids and antihistamines, the swelling went down and my face cleared up. By 26th. July 2016 my face had returned to normal and I was wearing makeup again.

However, the problem recurred several times to a lesser degree during the rest of 2016. I was advised by my GP to use the steroids and antihistamines whenever I needed to and was given 'emergency ' supplies. I managed to keep the condition under control using the medication given until April 2017 when I had another severe breakout. This time there was no swelling but my neck, nose, chin, eyes and eyelids were extremely dry, red, sore and itchy.

21st April 2017 I used the steroids and this time, in a few days things seemed to get worse instead of better...

29th April 2017 I stopped using the steroids and saw my GP. I continued with the antihistamines only and was referred to a dermatologist for patch testing to establish any allergies.  Whilst waiting for the appointment, I was in a lot of discomfort and desperate for advice so I looked online to find out whether there were any other people with symptoms like mine - and found hundreds! I found an amazing help group (which sadly is no longer running) on Facebook for Perioral Dermatitis (PD). Three wonderful members of the group (Beth, Fiona and Rosalind) were all consistent in the advice they gave me and they told me what had worked for them. This was my introduction to Lyonsleaf. I followed their advice carefully. I used Nano Zinc powder mixed with bottled water (50/50) and spread the paste on my face and neck every night. I washed it all off with African Black Soap in the morning and used Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream during the day. My skin was very dry and itchy, I couldn't move my mouth properly as the skin around it was so dry and I had what looked like cold sores around my chin. I was expecting the symptoms to get worse before they got better, and they did but I just kept following the advice I had been given. I had a lot of support from Rosalind on the PD group page and her reassurance that I was following the right regime helped me to keep going.

It was difficult to remain patient but after 5 weeks, the PD started to clear. I stopped using the Zinc but continued to use the Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream. I stopped using the African Black Soap and started to use Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm for Oil Cleansing, morning and night. 

After six long weeks, I was able to post on the Perioral Dermatitis Facebook page that my skin was almost back to normal. 

By July 2017 my skin was completely back to normal and I could wear makeup (free of any chemical nasties) again occasionally.

I still do not know what the trigger was for the original flare up as the patch testing I had done did not reveal any allergies. I know I could react again at any time but I have had no recurrence of PD since it cleared in July 2017. I use only natural products now and I know that I can rely on Lyonsleaf products being 100% pure. I am absolutely convinced that Lyonsleaf is keeping me PD Free. 

In addition to Lyonsleaf Calendula Cream and Beauty Balm, I now use their Body Butter for body moisturising, Calendula and Marshmallow Balm for hand cream and Calendula soap for hand and body cleansing.

As long as Lyonsleaf Continue to make their products, I will always use them. My husband now uses the Body Butter too - it has got rid of a patch of dry skin on his arm. 

Please Lyonsleaf keep making your wonderful products!