The water-free skincare revolution

Lyonsleaf natural skincare. The water-free skin care revolution.
Most high street creams and lotions contain up to 80% water and petrochemical derived emollients. These watery concoctions then need preservatives and emulsifiers to stabilise them. Just the sort of thing that sensitive skin finds intolerable. So do we.

Our undiluted range is made with 100% active ingredients - everyone playing a role in improving your skin. They are all used in their most unprocessed state, bursting with vitamins and antioxidants and blended at the lowest temperature possible to preserve beneficial compounds. Our products contain:

•    naturally nourishing plant oils, 
•    Organic beeswax, 
•    Minerals, 
•    Home-grown herbal extracts 
•    Nothing else.

We believe our water-free system offers far superior hydration and protection to all, including those with sensitive skin. For information on the alternative systems available see our Understanding Moisturisers page.

And because we grow and process the herbs at the farm we have control over storage and quality, which we believe makes our products more potent and effective than other products on the market.

Improving dry skin

Under normal conditions the thin outer layer of your skin is a breathable barrier that seals in moisture. Water is drawn from the dermis below and from humidity in the air as your skin regulates itself. Great.

But soaps, cleansers and emulsifiers found in most beauty products, as well as heating, air con and the weather, all cause this barrier to break down. Cracks appear, moisture is then lost and, as the skin tries to replace it, the dermis below dries out. The dermis should be full of moisture and plumped like a freshly picked grape. When it dries out the skin sags and wrinkles prematurely. Not so good. 

The answer’s not that radical. The skin’s balance of natural oils and water needs to be better maintained. 

Water-based moisturisers temporarily plump the epidermis, but because the outer layer is not effectively sealed and repaired, that moisture quickly evaporates and you need to reach for the pot again. 

Our undiluted, concentrated creams and balms repair and maintain the outer skin barrier, sealing in moisture far more effectively - and naturally. And because we use pure plant oils, they allow the skin to regulate itself rather than creating an occlusive, pore clogging seal as petrochemical derived, mineral emollients do.

Improving oily skin

Surprisingly, switching to oil based skincare seems to settle oily skin for many people too. Traditionally products for oily skin attempt to strip excess oil, but it is now understood that this caused the skin to overcompensate and produce more oil, exacerbating the problem.

Many customers find that switching to a plant oil based skin care regime rebalance skins oil production, reduces oily shine and can settle skin prone to breakouts.

Using less resources

And a little bit goes a very long way. A tiny amount glides on, absorbs easily and covers a surprisingly large area. Keeping the skin hydrated and plumped all day long. Our products, in small jars, use much less packaging and less energy is needed to ship the products to you.

A radical approach to cleansing.

Cleansing with soap, or foaming or astringent cleansers strips the skins natural oils making dry skin drier and often causing oily skin to over produce sebum.

Switching to ‘Oil Cleansing’ using our Beauty Balm preserves the skin’s natural oils and can dramatically improve the skin’s ability to seal in moisture, effectively hydrating even the driest skin, consequently reducing the appearance of wrinkles and often rebalancing oily skin.

It’s based on the principle that ‘like dissolves like’. When you try it you’ll see how easily natural plant oils dissolve dirty sebum, grime and make up - even waterproof mascara. 

The future of skincare

Many mainstream brands are realising the benefits of oil based skincare. Hot cloth cleansers and facial oils are appearing on the high street. Most of these products contain petrochemical derivatives and other unsavoury ingredients. 

Lyonsleaf are committed to bringing you really natural skincare with potent infusions of our home-grown herbs, including our range of 100% pure calendula products, and 100% natural moisturisers. We disclose full ingredients and we receive glowing customer reviews. We commit to continue to do this and be true to our principles as long as customers continue to buy our products.