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There are many reasons a scalp can become dry and itchy. It is important to recognise and address the underlying issue. If the problem is ongoing you should definitely see your GP. Below is our advice, but you can also keyword search customer reviews for first hand tips.


Creams suitable for application to an itchy scalp

Calendula is a very soothing ingredient, and we do recommend our original Calendula Cream for scalp application. This product is fragranced and only suitable for children over 3 years.


Zinc oxide is very water repellent so the zinc and calendula cream should definitely not be put on hair as it will be really hard to wash out. 


If you need an unfragranced product the Calendula and Marshmallow Balm is also suitable for scalp application.

Please be aware both products are greasy, the Calendula and marshmallow balm is waxy and they will need a really good wash to remove them from the hair.

We also have 2 facial oils that are very rich in marshmallow extract. marshmallow is incredibly effective at softening and hydrating very dry skin. So if your scalp is very dry this could be a good option for you. The oil is quite easy to wash out.

Using Lyonsleaf Products on the scalp.

We would advise applying the cream, balm or oil directly to the scalp and rubbing it into the dry or itchy areas. (do a patch test first before applying all over!) Rub any excess product off of the hair with an old flannel or towel (be aware the product will stain it)

Leave the product on for as long as possible, then wash off with a good quality natural shampoo. You should be able to wash it off in one go, in the event that hair seems greasy wash it again.

We recommend avoiding shampoos with harsh ingredients like SLS. We also warn against natural shampoos with an orange scent. Orange essential oil can be very irritating and it seems many natural shampoos use it in their formulations. It may only be listed as parfum or fragrance on the ingredients. 

If you are not sure what to buy, we do samples of the Calendula Cream and the Calendula and Marshmallow Balm as an option on the product page. We regret samples of the facial oils are not currently available.


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