Lyonsleaf Case Study 02 - Eczema and Perioral Dermatitis

Gemma and Ayla - Eczema and Perioral / Periocular Dermatitis

Lyonsleaf, I am in shock and amazement, I am so, so grateful for this system

I first bought [Lyonsleaf’s Zinc & Calendula Cream / Beauty Balm] about 18 months ago after finally being diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. (I was later also diagnosed with periocular dermatitis too as it spread near to my eyes) Prior to that I had tried so many natural products and nothing helped so I gave up and accepted I'd need the dreaded GP. I was a mystery to my GP and was referred to dermatology. I then first heard the words perioral dermatitis and was given antibiotics. I collected the prescription but thought I would first look up any natural solutions seen as I now had a name for what I had. I found Lyonsleaf straight away so thought I would give it a try before using antibiotics. I am so glad I did! It disappeared in no time!

Fast-forward to the past couple of months and my now 9-month-old daughter has been suffering with her skin terribly. Apparently eczema. Again I've tried so many natural products and no joy. I don't know why I didn't think to try this sooner, kicking myself now but again I gave up and went to the GP. They are not interested in finding a cause etc., just want me to apply paraffin based products 4 times a day. I refused and kept trying natural products with little success but up and down.

For some reason the past two weeks Ayla's skin took a huge turn for the worse, it has been so upsetting to see. I reluctantly agreed to try the cream from the GP and it got worse if anything. Then something made me remember the Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm and Zinc & Calendula Cream. Oh my word, the difference after now just 48 hours is incredible. It's not perfect yet but 48 hours and it so nearly is! I will be forever grateful and will not forget about Lyonsleaf again, I will be shouting about this brand from the rooftops!

It was such an incredible recovery that I think everyone should know about Lyonsleaf!

I'm so thankful to the Lyonsleaf products.