Lyonsleaf Case study 05 - Eczema & Dermatitis

Skin childhood I always had itchy skin and would have red raw patches backs of knees, elbow creases and back. Nothing was done about it. ... except putting cold water on me ( worst think ever , but parents tried) I was given some bath oil but “ made bath too grease” so was never put in my baths. Skin continued to have flare up and was just part of life growing up. It was in my 20’S first saw a GP as my skin was red raw all over and was prescribed creams inc antibiotics. So then on used steroids face , hands, body and managed it . But still having itchy / painful flare up. Tried different skin locations identify to help e45 / Aqueous cream. To be honest made it worse. Careful with diet and what I wore.

I found Lyonsleaf approx 4 years ago maybe bit less and was looking for a face wash to stop my face drying out and breaking out. Not looked back . I daily use the beauty balm to wash (hot oil method) and the face oil to moisturise. Any flare ups on skin Body and esp hands I use calendula cream . And as routine I treat my body to the body butter. ( don’t add this, but it’s a bit expensive to use every day so daily I use raw coconut oil). I’ve also tried lactose free products and manage stress differently. And I must say now that for the past 2 years I’ve not used steroids once , I have the occasional dry patch (hands after gardening etc) and as soon as I feel it I use calendula cream / calendula and marshmallow / zinc and calendula.

Nan Senior