Lyonsleaf Case Study 06 - Atopic Eczema and Perioral Dermatitis

Arlyn - Atopic Eczema and Perioral Dermatitis

Arlyn has had reactive skin since he was young. In August 2020 his skin got worst and after visiting the GP many times and waited for 6 months for a dermatologist appointment, he was diagnosed with atopic eczema, aggravated by lip lickers dermatitis (Perioral Dermatitis). It has been infected numerous times, including impetigo.

Arlyn was prescribed 5 courses of oral antibiotics since November 2020. We have been prescribed so many creams that I have lost track- steroids, anti-fungal, moisturisers, emollients, antibiotics. We were so reluctant to use steroids on his face in case it damages it, but we felt we had no other alternative. I was worried about all the sets of antibiotics he had (building up resistance, upsetting his tummy) but also, they didn't seem to help long term. Likewise, for steroids - we had researched a lot into the effect long term use has on the skin and it really worried us.

One of my husband, Robert, colleague's suggested trying Lyonsleaf. We figured that we've tried anything before so it was worth a try. Lyonsleaf's website had lots of information as to what would suit different skin conditions, as Arlyn has many we didn't know what cream would be best for him and decided to try the sample pots of the three cult cream by Lyonsleaf.

We have been using the Zinc and Calendula cream every night before bed. After a few days, it looked improved, although a few areas were now drying out, so the other 2 small pots (especially the calendula and marshmallow) has been a firm favourite in moisturising the dry skin.

We are so glad to have found Lyonsleaf. I used to get anxious about taking him to public places, because people would stare and wonder what was wrong. I am so glad that he is too young to care, because I imagine in a few years he would be embarrassed. Lyonsleaf has helped us get it under control. We are fortunate at the moment the rest of his eczema is fairly calm, but know that if it gets flared we will use the Zinc cream first in the hope that controls it, without the need for steroids.